Garrison: Archangel Status Report #1

Today, we will discuss how we upgraded the weapons system in Garrison: Archangel

Endless Maps in Agent Aliens

Here's a look at some of the techniques we used to generate our levels.

Level Up! Here Are Some Feature Previews

We take a break from our hectic schedule to bring you a short walkthrough on our randomly generated levels.

Alien Development Concepts part 2

Another set of our awesome aliens to show off!

Upgrade Complete: Rafael Reporting!

Here's a quick look at one of the Aliens, Rafael, and his upgrades.

Tales from the Profiler 2 - Graphics

There are lots of things we can add to make a game look prettier. The more, the better. Streamlining all of them so they don’t slow down the fluidity game is an art itself.

Morty's Character Selector

In this post, we go through our character selection screen and how we got to what it looks like now.

Alien Development Concepts part 1

Get a glimpse of how our lovable band of aliens got their good looks!

Grave Conceptualization

Lets take a look at how we've created the concepts for the game's backgrounds.

Tales from the Profiler - Part 1

Action and spectacle weren’t the only targets we wanted to hit with our game. Since it’s a fast paced platformer, we also needed precision controls and fluid gameplay. Unity has a very accurate Profiler and that helped us along the way.