Some Helpful Unity Scripts from Morty

Ever since I started to get used to Unity's Editor API, I've always been excited to write a new script or two that would speed up my workflow. Here are a few scripts that I've found through my years as a Unity dev that I always import into a new project.

Ready, Set, Jump!

How we refined the jump mechanics for Agent Aliens.

Sketching the Grave

Sketches for background elements for Morty the Matador

Pausing a Game in Unity

RIGHT THEN. In the realm of Unity as an engine at least, odds are one of the first things you read about when looking to pause your game, is a little thing called Time.timeScale. For the non programmers out there, I'll summairze;

Introducing Morty the Matador!

Today, let us get to know more about Morty, the Matador!